The Digital Collective

Improving Lives with Digital Inclusion

The Digital Collective is a non-profit organisation advocating for the digital inclusion of marginalised communities across Europe.

We drive a fairer and more inclusive digital society by creating solutions closest to the needs of communities. Our inclusive technologies connect people to new opportunities, building pathways toward greater social and economic integration.

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Developing tech-enabled solutions for digital inclusion

We trust the power of technological solutions to tackle the digital divide, as technology can make digital skills training more efficient and more scalable.

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Supporting Digital Literacy Training

We support groups in vulnerable situations and design training to meet their needs. Our Basic Digital Literacy Curriculum serves as best practice for training organisations.

Awareness-raising campaigns and Policy advocacy

We develop awareness-raising
campaigns around the importance
of basic digital skills for communities
in vulnerable situations.

Take the Skillify assessment

Skillify identifies users’ strengths and weaknesses and encourages students to continue their learning journey with training recommendations. Users are presented with a range of training to continue improving their digital skills based on their digital skills level.

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Partner with DigiCo to support an inclusive and fair digital society, and connect with other digital inclusion advocates.


“Thanks to this collaboration, we can reach out to people who are excluded from technological progress and guide them through their learning processes”

Ludmila Kasalová, Project Lead, Czechia


“Together with DigiCo, we are teaching refugees, migrants and other marginalised groups the crucial digital skills to participate in the digital society”

Dr. Juliane Stiller, Chairwoman of the Board

Grenzenlos Digital e.V., Germany

“Together with DigiCo, we are working towards closing the digital divide and bringing new opportunities to refugees, migrants, and marginalised locals”

Alejandra Ramírez, Head of Digital Literacy

ReDI School, Germany

"Thanks to the support of DigiCo, we have been able to provide essential digital literacy training for more than 30 women in Denmark during 2023"

Rie M. Sorensen, Fundraising & Business Development Lead

ReDI School, Denmark

“By partnering with DigiCo, we can empower more people with low literacy skills in The Netherlands and stimulate their social inclusion”

Geke van Velzen, Executive Director

Reading & Writing Foundation, The Netherlands

“Our collaboration with DigiCo strengthens our daily effort to include disadvantaged individuals through digital tools”

Kevin Cocco, Digital Projects Coordinator

Le Monde Des Possibles, Belgium


Our network for digital inclusion

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