The Digital Collective

our mission

Our goal is to connect those who lack basic digital skills with learning opportunities and tools that improve their social and economic inclusion

DigiCo collaborates with like-minded partners to help people develop digital capabilities while accessing the support they need to get good jobs, advance into sustainable careers and be an active part of the modern digital world.

Basic Digital Skills

We support digital learning interventions that improve people’s quality of life and ensure that everybody feels included in society.

Digitally-enabled communities

We are building a shared community of learning providers to accelerate the adoption of digital interventions so that more people can access the skills they need for the future of work.

Skills assessment tools

We developed Skillify to provide training organisations with a tool they can use to level participants and improve their delivery of digital skills training and coaching.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Varga

Co-founder and Co-director

Silvano De Marte

Community Engagement Officer

Gori Yahaya

Co-founder and Co-director

Martina Marcassa

Program Support Officer

Léa Ichikawa

Program Manager

We are building a Community of Practice