The Digital Collective

We produce awareness-raising campaigns around the importance of basic digital skills for life and for work. Through these campaigns, we advocate for a culture of inclusion and lifelong learning, with a specific focus on communities in vulnerable situations. To extend our reach, we co-create most of them with our partners and stakeholders. This way, we co-design solutions, deepen our relationships across sectors and foster collaboration.

The European Commission has set a clear target regarding basic digital skills in the Digital Decade:


Our daily work aims at ensuring we reach this target regionally, and for doing so we carry out activities, events, research and conversations to position basic digital skills at the forefront of the European Skills Agenda.

In Europe, 46% of adults still lack basic digital skills. To achieve a proper representation of these vulnerable groups in European policy and frameworks, our Collective advocates for inclusivity and accessibility of digital skilling and upskilling for all adults and at all stages; and this starts with inclusive assessment systems. We need digital skills frameworks that consider levels lower than Foundation.

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