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Digico VIRTUAL launch event

Enabling The Vulnerable Through Digital Inclusion: A Multi-Stakeholder Discussion



The largest tech companies are developing new products at an increasing pace, AI technologies are thriving in all sectors, and Europe is currently building its 6G infrastructures. 

At the same time, 44% of European citizens still don’t have basic digital skills. They are excluded from our (digital) world in many ways. Amongst which, the lack of access to information, to online public services, and to mainstream communication channels. Digital exclusion is real and is ever-increasing. This exclusion goes hands-in-hands with social exclusion – the ones at the margins of society are also at the margins of our digital world.

The Digital Collective (DigiCo) aims to solve this digital divide by creating a collective of like-minded organisations working towards the digital inclusion of the most in need. It does so by catalysing the social impact of NGOs and supporting quality training programs at the European level.

Our Virtual Launch Event will bring around the table leading experts in the field:
– European NGOs working at the forefront of digital inclusion

– Experts in Digital Skills Assessment

– European policy makers

The speakers will exchange around two Panel Discussions:

Panel 1: Engaging vulnerable communities to improve basic digital skills in Post-Covid times: Challenges and Opportunities

Panel 2: Pathways towards employability : The Importance of Assessment in aligning skills, training and jobs