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FAQ Document: Unpacking the basics of AI in support of adult educators

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Our experience in the field of digital inclusion uncovered the urgent need for educators to be acquainted with the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Precisely, adult educators involved in digital skills training have an even bigger need for a thorough AI understanding both as a phenomenon and as a tool to be applied within the curriculum. In July 2023, DigiCo hosted an Exploratory Session about Artificial Intelligence Literacy (AI Literacy) and Basic Digital Skills Training, where trainers active in adult education shared their insights on this matter, as well as their students’ concerns around the AI-growing universe.  Therefore, this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document represents the second outcome of our year-long AI Literacy Project.

This FAQ document is divided into five sections, identified as key areas trainers need support with. In terms of methodology, we carried out a series of consultations with AI experts from different partner organisations involved in Adult Learning and Education (ALE). In this line, we want to thank all the experts involved for their time and valuable insights. Additionally, we undertook a literature review on AI applications in education, looking specifically at existing challenges and opportunities for applying AI in training. This process resulted in this FAQ document, which invites readers to get familiar with available research on AI in education and to expand their knowledge through key considerations and further reading