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The Digital Collective (DigiCo) is proud to announce its official launch. With grant support from, DigiCo aims to reduce the growing digital skills gap in Europe. Join us to be part of our European digital inclusion movement.

November 21st
15:00 hs CET

As we approach the 2023 European Year of Skills, DigiCo reunited its community of stakeholders to discuss digital inclusion, by diving into the specific case of migrants and refugees digital upskilling in a European context. Key leaders in the field of digital skills training, skills policy, and labor market policy shared their perspectives on this complex issue.

Together, these voices highlighted the opportunities that digital skills training can bring for migrants’ labor integration, and emphasized the need for a multi-sectoral approach to reach sustainable employment pathways.


Gori Yahaya

Gori Yahaya
Co-founder and Co-director

Karen Massin
Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy for EU Institutions

Panel 1 : Digital upskilling for the integration of migrants: 3 European case studies

This panel invited leaders working at the forefront of migrants´ integration in Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. They lead impactful digital skills training providing migrants and refugees with the tools to prosper in society. Our special guest Dana Pavlychko, CEO of United for Ukraine, shared the current struggles of Ukrainian refugees, and the opportunities that digital skills can bring for access to education and employment.

MODERATOR: Léa Ichikawa Program Manager / Digico

Sophie Jonke

Sophie Jonke
Director / REDI School of Digital Integration (Germany)

Didier Van Der Meeren

Didier Van Der Meeren
Director / Le Monde des Possibles (Belgium)

Dana Pavlychko

Dana Pavlychko
CEO / United for Ukraine (Switzerland)

Panel 2 : Pathways for a comprehensive labour integration of migrants: The role of digital

This policy dialogue invited skills and labour market experts to discuss current pathways and mechanisms in the EU and neighbouring countries to integrate migrants  in the job market. We discused how to build an inclusive labour market, through active measures, recognition of prior learning, and comprehensive education and skills training policies. Additionally, employer’s perspectives will be discussed.

MODERATOR: Gori Yahaya, Co-Founder and Co-Director / Digico

Tiina Polo
Senior Expert / DG EMPLOY, European Commission

Maria do Carmo Gomes
Senior Human Capital Development Expert / European Training Foundation (Italy)

Karine Sonigo
Skills Digitalisation Specialist / ILO (Switzerland)

Amadou Sako
Regional Advisor and Project Officer / International Organisation of Employers (Switzerland)

Digico Closing Remarks

Léa Ichikawa
Program Manager / DigiCo

Lisa Varga
Co-founder and Co-director / DigiCo