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Center for innovations and digital education Dig-Ed

Organisation Name
Center for innovations and digital education Dig-Ed
North Macedonia
Description of Organisation
The main focus of Dig-Ed activities is on empowering teachers’ competences and skills in order to create innovative learning environments that will stimulate students’ learning. Different activities for increasing digital competences among educators in order to provide means for innovative deployment of digital learning tools, are part of the organization’s activities. In addition to this, Dig-Ed puts emphasize on creating digital education materials in local language. The programme of the organization consists of, but is not limited to, organizing events, training sessions, workshops, webinars, for teachers and students from primary to high level of education on a wide variety of topics, tailored to suit the needs of different audiences. Dig-Ed offers different international trainings concerning application of digital tools in education for interested European educators, too.
Number of Locations
Number of Staff
Year Founded
Third Sector
Primary Target Group
Individuals that lack basic digital skills
Type of Organisation
adult education NGO
Center for innovations and digital education Dig-Ed