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Our life-changing stories

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Sarika, from India, started at ReDI School of Digital Integration DK its beginners’ training “Computer for Job” in March 2022. When Sarika began, she did not know how to turn on a laptop. During the celebration of the course’s ending, she shared with the group that she got a new job without any external help taking care of the menu and ordering food in a nursing home. She now uses all her newly acquired skills in it! 
Nadia lived in Salé, Morocco. She arrived in Belgium in 2020 and requested to Le Monde des Possibles French lessons. She was one of the first to ask for the DigiLab program as soon as it was launched. She wanted to apply for waitress jobs but did not have any digital skills or a resume. Nowadays, a waitress needs to understand basic IT to do their daily tasks. After she finished DigiLab, she was very happy to be able to present herself through her first resume.
Julian asked our partner Grenzenlos Digital e.V. if he could participate in their Intro course even though he did not understand German well. He attended a German course at that time and was so keen on learning that they told him he could just try it and see if it worked for him. Not only did he have a language barrier, but he also could just take part in the training with his smartphone. But Julian was so committed that, after having some trouble using the learning platform, watched the input videos and the screencasts and even did most of the quizzes and tasks. He ended up completing the entire course!