The Digital Collective
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The Digital Collective is a non-profit organisation advocating for the digital inclusion of marginalised communities.

We drive digital inclusion by applying technology as an enabler for the social and economic integration of individuals in vulnerable situations. Our Collective connects like-minded partners and digital inclusion stakeholders through collaboration and knowledge-sharing initiatives.


DigiCo is driven by digital inclusion practitioners and advocates across the world who collectively work towards a more inclusive and equitable digital society. Together, we create new pathways and solutions to integrate individuals who are digitally excluded.

We enable digital inclusion at three levels:

1-icon-Developing tech-enabling solutions for digital inclusion

Developing tech-enabling solutions for digital inclusion

We design solutions that bring individuals closer to the labour market, with skills identification, access to lifelong learning, and job matching.

2-icon-Supporting Digital Literacy training

Supporting Digital Literacy training

We deliver services and support to local organisations that actively work in digital inclusion for groups in vulnerable situations while catalysing their social impact.

3-icon-Awareness-raising campaigns and Policy advocacy

Awareness-raising campaigns and Policy advocacy

We produce awareness-raising campaigns focused on the importance of basic digital skills adoption for life and work. Through these campaigns, we advocate for a culture of inclusion and lifelong learning.


We are proud members of:

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