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Partner Profile : Grenzenlos Digital

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Grenzenlos Digital e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation promoting digital and information literacy. Their mission is to empower people to gain the necessary digital skills to act self-responsibly online and benefit from digital transformation in all areas of life. They improve current digital literacy training protocols generating knowledge about effective digital literacy education.

Intro: a digital skills training dedicated to refugees and asylum seekers in Germany:

Refugees’ qualifications and education from their home country are often not recognised or require a lengthy approval procedure. This means that many people face a professional re-orientation, need to transition to new jobs without prior experience, or require additional qualifications to enter the job market. However, job seeking is not an easy task: it requires online research, language skills, and a certain knowledge of the German job market – making basic digital skills a fundamental prerequisite.

Intro offers targeted digital literacy education to empower refugees to use the Internet, to find information about the German job market and communicate online about their preferences and qualifications. It will implement an entirely new concept of teaching basic digital skills by triangulated synchronous (online live sessions) and asynchronous (via online learning platform) teaching methods.

The curriculum of Intro arises from the experiences and lessons from four years of digital skills training that Grenzenlos Digital e. V. offered for refugees and migrants. It is also based on the several scientific studies that members of Grenzenlos Digital e.V. conducted in 2018 and 2019 in order to assess the digital skills of refugees and to identify barriers to successful online research this particular group is facing.

Intro also takes into consideration the specific challenges faced by this heterogenous target group. This includes:

1) Adaptation of the curriculum to the prior knowledge and experience of the participants, e.g., different end devices, socializations, German language skills etc

 2) Flexible teaching methods allowing greater flexibility. This tackles the usual high dropout rates and/or skipping of course units due to strenuous living  situations. 

Intro covers 2 of the 5 competence areas from the Digital Competence Framework 2.2: Information and data literacy, and Communication and Collaboration. The transfer of digital skills is specifically targeted to facilitate job orientation, job seeking and related activities to raise significance and value for the participants.

Intro will be running from October 2022 to May 2023.

If you want to learn more about this project, you can visit their website or contact the Project Lead Anna-Julia Danisch at