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Digital Shift

Project Name
Digital Shift
Project Website
Lead Partner Address
24, Rybná, Hlavní město Praha, 110 00, Czechia
Lead Partner Country
Czech Republic
Additional Country
Start Date
End Date
Target Beneficiaries
The Project will support the following End Beneficiaries: Individuals who lack basic digital skills Unemployed individuals Individuals from disadvantaged groups (urban or rural territories, NEET, LGBTQ+)
Description is a group of people who help others obtain future skills and develop their own competences while doing so. Aim of the project: To create a safe space for different people to meet and learn basic digital skills Localise tool for measuring Digital Competence Provide encouragement and support in obtaining new skills Create accessible learning content for people from below specified target groups Help bridge the digital skill gap Grantee will achieve this aim through the following objectives: Create learning content and with the help of survey discover suitable distribution channels so that it is accessible and easy for participants to use Measure level of proficiency in Digital Competence (and efficiency of the project) using the self-assessment tool Create and manage community for participants to support life-long learning attitude and foster creation of relationships
Expected Outcomes
Grantee will complete the following Project activities and outcomes as of the due date below. Milestone payments will be made following Grantee’s completion of activities and outcomes by the due date.
Digital Shift