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Intro – Internet Recherche Kommunikation

Project Name
Intro – Internet Recherche Kommunikation
Project Website
Lead Partner Address
45, Weigandufer, Berlin, Berlin, 12059, Germany
Lead Partner Country
Additional Country
Start Date
End Date
Target Beneficiaries
Refugees and migrants with no to low digital skills that are currently socially disadvantaged People that are not in education, employment or training (NEET)
We teach refugees, migrants and other marginalised groups the crucial digital skills to participate in digital society and empower them to find jobs using online tools.
Expected Outcomes
Increased basic digital skills for the participants and thus increased ability to use the Internet, to find information about the German job market and communicate online about their preferences and qualifications. New concept of teaching basic digital skills by triangulated synchronous (online live sessions) and asynchronous (via online learning platform) teaching methods that allows scalabilty. Improved evaluation and assessment of digital skills training for this target group. Raised awarness about the importance of digital skills.
Intro – Internet Recherche Kommunikation