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Register for the Community of practice

Thank you for your interest in joining The Digital Collective.

Our emerging Collective brings together digital inclusion advocates across Europe. We reunite individuals and organisations who believe that no one should be excluded from the digital transition, especially not people from vulnerable and marginalised backgrounds.

The purpose of this Community is to drive the digital inclusion of vulnerable groups across Europe through by raising awareness, creating synergies, sharing knowledge and promoting best practices. With co-creation and collaboration at the core, you will learn from peers and be informed about the latest developments in the digital inclusion space.

Our Collective adopts a closed membership system. The following categories of organisations and individuals are accepted as part of the CoP:

  • Non-profit organisations (delivering digital skills trainings or supporting vulnerable groups through other activities)
  • Policy makers and governments officials in the field of digital inclusion, skills, and employability
  • Researchers in the field of adult education or skills development
  • Trade unions or labour market intermediaries

We will review your application and get back to you shortly!

The Digico Team

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Please briefly describe your experience in the digital inclusion space, and your interest in joining DigiCo Community of Practice.

What sector does your organisation belong to?

Which one of these target groups is your primary target group?

Which other target audiences do you support?