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Skillify 2.0: An Inclusive Digital Skills Assessment

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Skillify is DigiCo’s landmark skills assessment tool helping individuals understand their level of digital skills and trainers improve their training programs. Skillify’s first version was tested in six countries together with our local partners. Thanks to their valuable feedback, Skillify is upgraded to offer a more inclusive, more accessible and more user-friendly version! Self-assessment questions are now easier to understand, while testing questions have been developed to test concrete applications for foundation, intermediate to advanced users. After an accessibility review, the platform was also made accessible to people with various abilities. These changes make Skillify a much better tool for supporting learners in their digital skills journey!

How does Skillify work?

This online skills assessment walks users through different questions involving their digital literacy levels. Afterwards, it provides a detailed report on their digital skills and personalised training recommendations to continue their learning journey. Completing the skills assessment takes about 25 minutes, and users can take all 5 areas together or separately.

For adult training organisations, this platform is a tool to measure, understand, and increase their learners’ digital skills, while improving their delivery of training. Skillify is designed with inclusion and accessibility at its core, being easy to use for any learner regardless of their level.  See below how Skilify can support individuals and training organisations:

For Individuals, Skillify can help in:
  • Measuring your digital skills in 5 different areas and giving you a live snapshot of your digital competencies
  • Making testing easy through an adaptable, accessible and user-centred platform designed for all levels – including two animated tutorials to ensure everyone fully understands how the platform works
For Training Organisations, Skillify:
  • Provides an easy-to-use, efficient, and systematic skills assessment system. It streamlines the measurement of students’ digital skills across a class, a cohort, or all training programs
  • The management dashboard allows training organisations to know the individual and the overall evaluation of competencies. They can also access specific details on demographics, target groups and areas of competencies 
  • Can be significantly customised
  • Builds training pathways for students through the addition of internal or external courses 

Once the skills assessment is completed, users can see in their dashboards a range of suggested free or low-cost personalised training recommendations. These enable individuals to continue their learnings based on their assessed skills. Thus, Skillify identifies users’ strengths and weaknesses and encourages students to continue their lifelong learning journey. 

Skillify’s end-to-end solution will soon offer a holistic pathway from assessment to employment with the introduction of Jobify after the personalised training recommendations. Jobify is our latest tech solution supporting individuals to find job opportunities that match their digital skills tested through Skillify, and it has been pilot-tested in Belgium. 

Skillify can be translated into any language and with local offers. Training organisations, universities, private partners, and research institutions can get in touch with us for using it. Reach out to DigiCo’s  Program Manager Léa Ichikawa at to discuss the usage of the platform. 

Skillify is available for free for individuals, so try our platform and test your skills today!