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We believe that technology has the potential to bridge the digital divide. Skillify is a great example, as a tool that assesses digital skills, recommends further training and matches job opportunities.

Skillify is an assessment tool that helps learners understand their levels of digital skills. It empowers learners to be in charge of their learning journey, and accompanies them in a holistic way to be upskilled for the modern job market. Skillify is accessible to all types of learners thanks to its inclusive design.

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1 Inclusive design Icon

Makes testing easy with an inclusive and accessible platform

Inclusive design, simplified language, and encouraging wording makes testing less scary.

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Mixes self-assessment and testing questions

Users are tested on 82 self-reflection items and 84 testing questions.

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Tests digital skills in 21 competencies and 5 areas

In conformance with the Digital Competences Framework for Citizens.

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Supports Learners Lifelong Learning

Training recommendations according to users’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Assessment Solution to training organisations

Admin Access allows analysis and reporting of students' digital skills.


A Personal Dashboard shows learners a live snapshot of their digital skills. Learners can take the test multiple times, register to save their results and compare their progress across time. Skillify uses inclusive design and is adapted to learners with lower literacy and digital literacy. It follows the international accessibility standards WCAG 2.

According to Digital Inclusion by Design Index, Skillify is Leading The Way. With an average score of 89%, this confirms Skillify’s commitment to a user-centred design. Read the full report here.

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Skillify identifies users’ strengths and weaknesses and encourages students to continue their learning journey with training recommendations. Users are presented with a range of training to continue improving their digital skills based on their digital skills level.


Skillify provides Job Recommendations with its extension Jobify. Jobify expands learner’s opportunities by supporting them in finding job vacancies.

Jobify matches job opportunities from local job boards with users’ digital skills levels. It provides personal and reliable recommendations and capitalises on the learners’ strengths. It encourages learners to improve their digital skills to access better job opportunities.

Learners can learn more about each job vacancy with an integrated AI Bot. This AI technology supports learners with reliable and personalised advice, and helps them towards successful employment.

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Training organisations can use Skillify as a tool to measure, understand, and increase their learner’s digital skills, and ultimately improve their delivery of training.

The platform is available to any organisation which supports their learners throughout their digital skills journey, and can be localised to their needs. A Learner Management System allows partners to analyse progression of their learners, and provides data reporting abilities.

Adult training organisations, universities, private partners, and research institutions can get in touch with us to discuss the usage of our platform.