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Project: Digital Upskilling 4 Work / Partner Profile: Reading & Writing Foundation

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The Digital Upskilling 4 Work project aims to empower people with low literacy skills in The Netherlands by digitally upskilling them to improve their chances of finding and retaining work. This initiative reaches low-literate people who lack digital skills and who have work-limiting disabilities in collaboration with social and sheltered employment companies. In these employment companies, people with a distance from the labour market are supported to find suitable work. 

Therefore, Digital Upskilling 4 Work helps the students get the basic digital skills needed to accomplish their tasks inside the shelter companies and aims to provide the knowledge and confidence needed to have further opportunities in the labour market.

Digital Upskilling 4 Work is offered in-house to easily monitor progress:

  • First, workers’ digital skills levels are screened through an online screening tool called Digimeter. This is accompanied by a dialogue between the employee and the team managers, supervisor or HR.
  • Second, the employee is suggested tailored learning pathways which match his or her skills level and needs, through a Menu Card. It provides 3 to 4 learning tracks, with a mixture of classical, online and blended learning.

On average, a learning track takes 10 weeks to finish. Employees start at a very low level, and they are trained to progress to DigComp proficiency level 1. 

The program will be running from September 2022 to July 2023.

If you want to know more about the project, you can visit their website or contact the Project Lead Michiel Sträter at 


Our partner Stichting Lezen en Schrijven (Reading & Writing Foundation) is a Dutch non-profit organisation committed to ensuring that everyone in The Netherlands can read, write, calculate and use a computer or smartphone. They aim to reduce and prevent low literacy in the country while conducting and sharing research, knowledge and good practices on this topic. Since their establishment, they have been closely cooperating with the Dutch government to enhance a comprehensive approach to tackling low literacy in The Netherlands.